About Features and Architecture


Thanks to its builtin encryption and CRC32 verification, upscaledb can help you to build HIPAA compliant applications.

The encryption is implemented with the 128bit AES codec from the OpenSSL/libcrypto project. On modern CPUs it uses hardware acceleration to improve performance.

CRC32 checksums are calculated before the database file is modified, and verified after the database file is read from disk. Physical device errors (or data tempering) will be noticed immediately and reported as an error.

Encryption and CRC32 verification can be used independently from each other.

Client/Server access

upscaledb can open database files that are hosted by a remote server. This server is provided as a library and can be linked into your application. No separate process is required, but a Unix daemon/Windows background service is provided as well.

The remote protocol is based on Google's protocol buffer and can be used with virtually every major programming language.

Supported Environments

Supported platforms are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • and Visual Studio 2013/2015
  • Linux
  • with a reasonably new version of g++ and boost
  • MacOS X
  • with a reasonably new version of clang and boost

Supported programming languages are:

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Erlang
  • Java
  • .NET