Release of upscaledb 2.1.13 by Christoph Rupp

Posted on Feb 07, 15:26:51 CET 2016 - SHARE:

From the release notes:

This release fixes a few bugs. This is the last stable release before 2.2.0.

The most significant fixes are:

  • #47: fixed bad assert in ups_cursor_move; this caused crashes in debug mode
  • #66: return with error if a database is modified by a committed transaction which was not yet flushed to disk; this caused crashes when closing an Environment (ups_env_close)
  • #64: fixed segfault when recovering a database with a custom compare function; deprecated ups_db_set_compare_func, use ups_register_compare/UPS_PARAM_CUSTOM_COMPARE_NAME instead. Also, the .NET/C# delegate for custom compare functions has been changed, the delegate has to perform the marshalling now (see unittests for a sample)
  • issue #60: files are now truncated after a database was deleted with ups_env_erase_db

The file format is not compatible to 2.1.12.

Are you using the "partial reads/writes"? i.e. searching or inserting partial records with UPS_PARTIAL? If yes then please tell me - I still remove functionality that is not used or rarely used.

All files are available on the download page.

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