hamsterdb to upscaledb migration guide by Christoph Rupp

Posted on Nov 03, 21:12:56 CET 2015 - SHARE:

Switching from hamsterdb to upscaledb can be performed with simple search&replace commands.

The new header file is now <ups/upscaledb.h> and the library name is libupscaledb.a (or upscaledb.dll). The API functions, structures and macros were renamed. Previously, they started with “ham_” (or “HAM_”), now they start with “ups_” (and “UPS_”), e.g., “ham_env_create” is now “ups_env_create”.

There are only a few additional changes:

  • The remote URL identifier "ham://" was changed to "ups://"
  • The function ham_set_errhandler was renamed to ups_set_error_handler
  • The flag UPS_FIND_NEAR_MATCH was removed
  • The flag HAM_FIND_EXACT_MATCH was renamed to UPS_FIND_EQ_MATCH
  • The functions ham_db_get_error, ham_is_pro, ham_is_pro_evaluation were removed

Please see the Changelog of upscaledb-2.1.12 for more information.

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