High performance

upscaledb is a fast key-value database which optimizes storage and algorithms for your specific data types.

Optional compression further reduces file size and I/O, and can keep more data in memory to increase performance and scalability when running full-table scans to query and analyze the data.

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SQL-style analytical functions

upscaledb can be used to build all functions of a typical SQL database, tailored to the specific needs of your application, and directly linked into your program.

Its blazingly fast analytical functions and database cursors make it a natural fit to process data whenever a SQL database is not fast enough.

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Easy to use

A simple and self-documenting API; extensive documentation and a tutorial are provided. APIs for C/C++, Java, Python, .NET (i.e. C#, VB.NET), Erlang/Elixir and PHP are available.

Applications using upscaledb are deployed on tens of millions of desktops, but also on cloud instances, cell phones and other embedded devices.

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This benchmark runs a full-table scan over 50 million records and retrieves the maximum. The records are configured as uint32 values.

upscaledb is about 90 times faster than leveldb, and about 140 times faster than BerkeleyDB.

Benchmarks using upscaledb v2.0.0, leveldb v1.11.0, BerkeleyDB v5.1.0 running on 64bit Linux on commodity hardware. Cache size is 4mb. The benchmark is available here.

Benchmark chart
SMSB Systems "Our network monitoring and event reporting system uses upscaledb to gather and pre-process incoming messages in real-time."
Rajesh Bhardwaj, Lead Developer, SMSB Systems
Stanford Health Care "Stanford uses upscaledb to manage real-time clinical workflows for patient care research."
Bill Collins, Enterprise Solutions Architect, Stanford Health Care
Taxpool LLC "We use upscaledb for storing the data of our tax consulting software, locally or remotely over the net. It is fast, reliable and works great!"
Robert Mundt, CEO, Taxpool LLC
Cialogica "The technical support was a crucial factor. The author is really very accessible and always has accurate answers."
Marcio Alexandroni, CEO, Cialogica Tecnologia em Informática Ltda

upscaledb is released under the Apache Public License 2.0, and free for commercial and non-commercial use. You can read more about the license here.