Opening Databases

Opening an existing Database is very similar to creating a new one. To open the Database you have to use the API function ups_env_open_db.

ups_env_open_db (ups_env_t *env, ups_db_t **db, uint16_t name,
            uint32_t flags, ups_parameter_t *parameter);

API reference ups_env_open_db

The parameters are very similar to ups_env_create_db.

There is one flag which might be useful from time to time: UPS_READ_ONLY . This flag opens the Database for read-only access, and all write modifications (inserting or deleting items) fail with the error UPS_READ_ONLY. Other flags are explained in the API reference.

ups_env_open_db also uses variable length parameter lists, but this parameter is currently not used, therefore it must be set to NULL.