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Send a mail to if you prefer to pay via Paypal, and mention the amount of licenses that you want to buy.

A license is valid for a single developer.

A developer requires a license for upscaledb if she uses any component or file provided by upscaledb in her works, e.g. header files, static or dynamic libraries etc.

Are you an academic user or a non-profit organization? Please ask for a quote.

For site-wide licenses and consulting, please ask for a quote.

If you require licenses for 3 or more developers please contact us for a custom quote.

Free email support is included with your licence. We endeavor to reply before the same time the next working day, but often respond within a few hours.

The commercial license includes updates for a full year. If a subscription is terminated then the already paid versions can be used commercially, but for all newer versions the GPL license applies and they cannot be used in a proprietary, closed-source context.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Please use the contact form or send a mail if you are interested in consulting.
A license for a single developer costs 525 €. VAT is not included. This license is valid for one full year and covers all versions that were released during this year.
Every developer which uses upscaledb (by linking to the library, by including the header files etc) will require one license.
Yes, you can always do that, but each license can only be transferred once every six months.
No, this is not possible.
If you require three or more licenses then please ask for a quote, either through the contact form or via mail.
Yes, we offer several license exceptions for FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) projects. The list of exceptions can be found here and in the source tarball. If your project uses a different license then just tell us and we might add your license to the list.
Theoretically yes. The GPL allows you to create commercial applications. However, your commercial application will also be released under the GPL, which means that you have to give it away for free and open source.
If you use the GPL version of upscaledb, then your application also has to be released under the GPL. This means:
  • You will need to deliver the complete source code of upscaledb AND of your application to your users/customers.
  • Alternatively, you have to provide a written offer with instructions on how to get the source code.
  • Your GPL application can only use 3rd party libraries if they have a license that is GPL compatible.
If you buy a commercial license then you do not have to pay any royalties and you can use upscaledb for as many projects as you want. Only few limitations have to be respected:
  • You are allowed to modify the source of upscaledb, but you are not allowed to release the modifications (unless you release them under the GPL)
  • You are not allowed to create a product which delivers the same, or substantially the same, functionality as upscaledb itself. In other words: you are not allowed to create an embedded database library which hides upscaledb behind a new header file and a new library.
Yes, an evaluation is allowed as long as you do not release a product.
Yes, as long as you do not release your software you can use the GPL version of upscaledb.
It is valid for one full year. Following years will require a license renewal.
Yes, but only those versions that were released during your first year, or while your subscription was active. You can keep using these versions of upscaledb, but for all newer versions the GPL applies.
Please get in touch using the contact form or via mail for a quote.
Please get in touch using the contact form or via mail and we will send you an invoice for your order.